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introduction of David Toivainen, Physical Therapist in Redding, CA, specialized in low back pain
David Toivainen
Physical Therapist, Redding, CA


What professionals say:

"David Toivainen was consistently able to help my patients who had failed physical therapy multiple times. He is especially good at sacroiliac joint and low back problems. He has a unique and integrative approach that seems to teach and empower his patients to get better, a rarity. My patients love him!"
Kate McCaffrey, DO

"Simply put David is the most impressive physical therapist I have ever seen in over 30 years of medical practice. David’s specialty is low back pain, and he achieved remarkable results with my patients, many of whom had tried various modalities and therapists prior to seeing David, including surgery. The results were often spectacular; years of chronic pain brought under control in a matter of a few sessions. David’s approach also made the patient a partner in their own care rather than simply performing body work that kept the patient passive and in the dark about what was wrong. He was able to motivate the patients to ‘keep with the program’, allowing them to maintain control over their futures and prevent exacerbations. Having such a resource to refer to is a gift to a primary care clinician. David goes beyond the call of duty with his clients. One of these patients was my father, who had metastatic prostate cancer which affected his spine. David’s approach reversed years of chronic low back pain and allowed my father to remain pain-free to the end. David left Humboldt County in the late spring of 2008. What has been Humboldt’s loss will soon be Redding’s gain, as David is reopening his practice there. Alan Glaseroff, MD, Arcata, CA "
Alan Glaseroff, MD

What patients say:

"David's system, based on excellent anatomical and mechanical principles, will allow you to live a more pain free life. I am so grateful to be pain-free for the first time in 16 year[s]."
Robert Trent, Redding

"First of all I'd like to thank God for the referral I was given by Dr. Purcell, to David Toivainen, an answer to my prayers. David was highly recommended, but his approach was unlike any physical therapy I had experienced before. I have been suffering for about 10 years from lower back pain, sciatica, numbness in the toes, and more recently horrific episodes of lower back spasms with extreme weakness. Surgeons would not do surgery, because they said it was not warranted, although I was suffering continuously. David is very knowledgeable, disciplined, and an excellent communicator. At the end of 8 weeks, my strength is growing with each day. I can walk farther than I have been able to for months. David has shown me exercises that I can do at home, whereby I am recovering tremendously and am virtually pain free. I'm filled with hope. Thanks to David, I have my life back, again. I highly recommend his expertise, professionalism, and positive attitude."
Robert Bishop, Redding

"First of all, if you want to get well and are not looking for a quick fix or pills, David Toivainen can teach you how. If you do what he teaches and do your daily exercises faithfully you can relieve your back pain and live a very active life. It has been life changing for me as I have lived with back pain for years and now I am doing great. Many thanks."
Joanne Ross, Anderson

"Three words describe David Toivainen, - he gets it… He’s been through what we have, and if you would like to get to the core of the issue (pun intended), then you must give his program a try. As a former SWAT Sniper / Detective / Medal of Valor recipient [who has] endured lower back pain, failed epidurals, failed facet injections, physical therapy etc… since the mid-90’s, implementing David'ts exercises on a daily basis has helped me immensely. My advice – Go there with an open mind, pay attention, and be a sponge … You can only blame yourself for not doing even half of what he asks for. He’s helped me, so I write this for you…"
AJT, Redding

"TOP OF THE LINE P.T. Approach of learning via educated self-care is excellent!"
Lawrence Bratt, MD, Redding

"Surgery That Wasn't!
It's been quite a journey! I've had bouts of severe lower back pain and back spasms since April (It's now December) and envisioned continued pain. I was skeptical of getting any real relief via a physical therapist, as other 'doctors' failed to help. It was immediately apparent that David was different. He is patient, kind, and understanding. Moreover, he knows what to do for low back pain. By following his simple instructions with patience and regularity, I was able to proceed from a severe pain level to the healing stage and no real pain. My upcoming surgery was cancelled because of my progress and apparent healing. I credit David Toivainen with my new prognosis."
Jackie E, Redding

"I am 70 years old. I started with serious sciatic pain. I went to the emergency room as I could not even stand up. The pain was intense. I received a pain injection which did not help. I had in addition 3 pain injections, 3 steroid injections (which did not help at all), physical therapy with ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage, and was given some exercises to do. I was able to function but could only stand or walk for a very short time. David Toivainen, Physical Therapist said he would not do things to me, he would show me how to make myself better and help prevent serious injuries in the future. I would have to do the work myself. Each weekly visit he would work with me on progressively more effective exercises. I started getting much better. It is obvious that David is not just interested in earning a living. He wants to help people get better. What more can you ask. Every day I thank David that I have my life back and no longer need to have other people do things for me. My core muscles have gone from not feeling any muscles to have both core and stomach muscles that are getting quite firm. I am committed to maintaining these exercises for as long as I am able as they have made me self reliant once again. I know as time goes by and I continue I will get better and better. THANK YOU DAVID. Very sincerely,"
Richard Bruce, Gerber

"Before I started your program, I was convinced by medical professionals, MDs and PTs, that I would always have chronic back pain, along with limiting my physical activities and taking daily pain medications. I now exercise and stretch and live pain-free. I share my experience and encourage other people with chronic pain to learn your exercise program and take back control of their physical well-being. Thank you so much for helping me learn how to protect and strengthen my back."
Betsey Zimmerman, Redding

"You helped me more than I thought possible. I just wish I had met you after my first surgery. I probably wouldn't have had such difficulty with the others or not even needed them. Your technique is so simple but truly effective. You are a different kind of PT. You don't just run through the six PT [sessions]. You teach how to do everything the right way! You are very patient and skilled at what you do! Thank you so much."
Janet Brizendine, Redding

"Already having gone to three other physical therapists I had no desire to go again. With surgery scheduled that week I tried David Toivainen. The first day with him leaving his office I did not expect to go back but come morning I awoke with little pain if any and for the first time in four years I did not reach for a pain pill. After working with David my pain level has gone from constant 7-8 to 1-4. He found immediately what surgeons and doctors had missed for years and taught me how to manage it. I highly recommend trying David Toivainen; he is amazing."
Pam C., Redding

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