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introduction of David Toivainen, Physical Therapist in Redding, CA, specialized in low back pain
David Toivainen
Physical Therapist, Redding, CA

Programs for minimizing and preventing low back pain

Basic Program

The Basic Program is essentially a “crash course” teaching effective self-care techniques. With consistent practice most clients continue on their own, confident and competent, after 6-12 weekly sessions.

Abbreviated Version

The Abbreviated Version is for those who can’t or don’t want to complete the entire program. Both the basic and abbreviated programs begin with, and focus on, the same foundational skills. Some clients are satisfied with the gains they make during fewer sessions.

Taking It to the Next Level

Taking It to the Next Level, whether work, sports or activity related, is for past clients who have successfully completed the Basic Program.


Tune-Ups are always available for any past client who wants or needs a review.


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