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introduction of David Toivainen, Physical Therapist in Redding, CA, specialized in low back pain
David Toivainen
Physical Therapist, Redding, CA


What diagnoses do you treat?

I see patients who have most of the diagnoses related to pain in the low back, sacroiliac joints, buttock, lateral hip/thigh and nerve-generated pain that travels down the legs.
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Do you bill health insurance?

I accept most health insurance policies. I have contracts with Medicare, Anthem (Blue Cross), Blue Shield and many, but not all, smaller insurance companies. Please call to see if I have a contract with your insurance company.

How many appointments will I need?

How many appointments depends more on your motivation and adherence to your independent home program than any other factors. Most of my motivated patients are confident and competent to continue independently within six-to-twelve weekly visits. When they consistently practice for the next two-to-three months, improvements continue.  After that, a simple maintenance program can maintain the results. Returning to old habits usually means returning symptoms.
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How long does each physical therapy session last?

The first appointment lasts about an hour. Follow-up appointments last 45-to-50 minutes. I do my best to leave a little extra time in case you need to clarify your understanding of your homework. I encourage every patient to call if they are confused about what to do or if the techniques are not working as well as they did in the clinic. Patients who do need to call usually get back on track and make progress before the next visit.

What makes your physical therapy program different?

For the best answers, read previous patient’s Testimonials. My entire focus is on what you can do for yourself. Self-care is the most effective treatment approach because only you are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year after year. Self-care works when you do. Bear in mind, however, we are all human and therefore never perfect. Simply do the best you can and let your body take care of its natural healing process.

I generally don’t treat. I teach, and I depend heavily upon your feedback. We will work together to decide what program modifications are necessary to maximize your results. Every session is with me, the evaluating physical therapist. While I may recommend additional treatments from other healthcare practitioners, I will never turn you over to a “care-extender” in my clinic.

How much pain or discomfort should I expect?

You may have a baseline / background level of pain / discomfort but nothing I recommend should increase your symptoms. My rule of thumb is, “If pain, NO GAIN!” When the techniques relieve your symptoms in the clinic they will relieve your symptoms elsewhere – if you are doing them correctly. Remember, this is a learning process and mistakes, when followed by correction, equal learning.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Jeans, unless very stretchy, are too restrictive. Please do not wear any strong fragrances (lotions, cologne, perfume, etc.).

What should I bring with me?

  • The physician’s referral, if you have it.
  • Insurance cards, if you have insurance.
  • Copies of imaging and/or surgical reports save time, if you have them.
  • Most importantly, bring a desire to improve and motivation to change habits.

Please do your best to leave your frustrations and doubts behind!

May I bring my spouse/caregiver/family member with me to therapy?

Yes, I encourage support from others.


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