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For most people, most of the time,
low back pain is unnecessary
and avoidable

If you know what to do,
how to do it correctly and
do it consistently, you can
minimize or eliminate your pain

I can teach you how


“David Toivainen was consistently able to help my patients who had failed physical therapy multiple times. He is especially good at sacroiliac joint and low back problems. He has a unique and integrative approach that seems to teach and empower his patients to get better, a rarity. My patients love him.”

Kate McCaffrey, DO

David Toivainen in his clinic
introduction of David Toivainen, Physical Therapist in Redding, CA, specialized in low back pain
David Toivainen
Physical Therapist, Redding, CA

David's Specialized Back Pain Clinic in Redding, CA

Growth of a Concept

The basics of therapy learned at Physical Therapy School

Physical therapy school was thorough – a strong foundation in anatomy, physiology, disease processes and evidence-based treatments. The most powerful tool they instilled, however, was a foundation for critical thinking skills… along with a few choice pearls of wisdom:

  • “You are the movement specialists. No one studies this more than you just did.”
  • “After the initial evaluation, every session is a re-evaluation.”
  • “All the medical terminology you just learned… you can’t use it with patients!”

The harsh reality of working in different clinics

Going into the clinics was a hint of success, a taste of freedom. My early clinical rotations were low key, with opportunities to learn from experienced clinicians and physicians in a variety of settings – hospitals, long-term care facilities and outpatient facilities. The later clinical rotations were trial by fire, out of the frying pan into the fire, moving like pants-on-fire. My presence in the clinic progressed rapidly from a continuation of my educational process to hard lessons in economic realities:

  • “Insurance reimbursement rates limit your time with patients.”
  • “Once you develop your plan of care, turn that patient over to an assistant or an aide.”
  • ‘Bragging rights’ begin when you see more than 20 patients a day.
  • Use of modalities (heat, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation) is financially necessary.

My own clinic was going to be different

As an idealist, I hold myself accountable to my own standard: quality is more important than quantity. As a carpenter I developed competence and efficiency to stay competitive; I vowed do the same with physical therapy. With ever-increasing overhead and ever-falling reimbursement rates it was an uphill battle. To keep my first clinic financially successful, I developed an unhealthy workaholic lifestyle. Gradually, from my patients, I learned:

  • Neither patients nor their injuries are generic, so generic treatments are a poor choice.
  • ‘Treatments’ give temporary relief; the relief from 2-3 treatments a week is still temporary.
  •  A lesson learned, a habit changed, brings lasting relief through natural healing.
  • To practice up to my ideals, I needed to dramatically lower my overhead.

Start of my specialty back pain clinic in Redding, CA

When my wife received a job offer we couldn’t refuse in Redding, I found the opportunity I thought I had lost. I now had another chance to set up a small scale low back pain specialty clinic that would be successful for me and my patients. This new clinic has many advantages for patients:

  • By specializing in low back pain I can pass on years of knowledge and experience to my patients.
  • By teaching my patients how to move efficiently, they minimize or prevent future back pain.
    (read more about my therapy approach )
  • By keeping my overhead low, I can spend more quality time teaching my patients.
  • I do not feel financially pressured to do unnecessary, temporary ‘treatments.’
  • I can give my patients the best care they deserve!


A low back specialty practice that maximizes my patient’s success

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